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What is YONO SBI? How YONO SBI Online Works?



Do you want to know about Yono SBI App or what is Yono SBI? , how does it work? What are the features of Yono App? If you want to get detailed information about all the questions like whether it is good to use or not etc., then definitely read this post from beginning to end. In this post, I have told the latest information on all the topics related to YONO SBI app so that no user or reader should face any problem. He can easily get the answer of all the questions in a single post.

With the help of Yono SBI, you can easily access your State Bank account information online. In these, from Account Opening to Money Transfer, Yono Business can do many things online. This app has been launched by India’s largest bank State Bank of India so that all those small tasks of the bank which any account holder can easily do, they can do through Yono App only. There is no need for them to visit the bank again and again.

You can easily access this app from the comfort of your home. Just for this, the account holder needs to have a username and password, which can be easily created in the Yono app. So let’s know what is Yono SBI? How does it work online?

What is YONO SBI?

Yono SBI is a mobile banking application launched by State Bank of India. Where you can do both banking and lifestyle. In this app, you can do all the work of SBI Bank sitting at home, which is done in the bank branch. In this, you can do all the transactions related to banks such as Cash Withdraw, Found Transfer, Online Opening Account, Check Book Apply, Mini Statement and much more.

Yono App has partnered with many such ecommerce sites from where you can do any type of shopping in just a few minutes and in return you can also get discounts of up to many %. Which is a big feature of Yono SBI App.

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What are the features of YONO App?

YONO App is an ambitious project of State Bank from where you can use their features absolutely free of cost which are as follows:-

  1. All Banking Transactions
  2. Cash Withdraw without ATM Card
  3. Fixed Deposit of Money
  4. Online Savings Account Opening
  5. ATM Card Block, Apply.
  6. seeding aadhar card
  7. Linking email, mobile number with bank account
  8. Demat Account Opening
  9. Buying goods from over 50 ecommerce sites
  10. Access more than 50 ecommerce sites from a single YONO app without downloading
  11. apply for loan
  12. Get instant personal loan up to 5 lakhs
  13. to insure
  14. apply passbook
  15. Mutual Found Investing and SIP

There are many such features, if we start telling them, then this article can become very long. That’s why I have told about some of their important features.

How to use YONO App?

Using YONO SBI is very simple, to use it, you just need to have a little internet and knowledge about banking. First to use

  1. Download Yono SBI App from Play Store.
  2. Once downloaded, open it.
  3. Now create your Username and Password
  4. Login with Password and Username and use it properly.

Is it good to use YONO SBI or not?

Using YONO SBI is a very good job. If you have SBI account then it is very important for you to use Yono SBI because it makes our work very easy. Any small or big work of the bank can be done with this app, for this you do not need to go to your bank account.

Let me tell you that Yono APP was launched by former Finance Minister of India Arun Jaitley ji on 24 November 2017 through State Bank of India. Which is the largest bank in India. This bank is 100% secure and safe. Your bank balance is safe in every way. That’s why I use it too and you can too.

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